Let's be honest: we live in a world where certain voices and bodies are more valued than others.  Most of us unconsciously sort and judge people by their skin colour, culture, language skills, body size or gender identity. These create conditions where people who don't fit into the privileged standard are treated unfairly.

So as part of the Ignite Festival, we are aspiring to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome, because we are all richer for a diversity of lived experiences. We strive to include diversity on our teaching faculty, and all of our facilitators are aware of how important it is to give voice to those who are typically under-represented and marginalized.

If you are a person of colour, black, indigenous, or trans-identified, and you feel you have something you'd like to facilitate as part of the Virtual Ignite Festival, don't hesitate to contact us at ignitefestvan@gmail.com

Diversity & inclusion

Contact us: menintouch@outlook.com
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