2019 Altar
2019 Altar

We-Space Meditation

We-Space Meditation is a deeply soulful form of intimacy: "Into Me See." If you have experienced enough meditation to be able to be in stillness with yourself, to commune with your own soul, you may be curious to explore this eyes-open shared meditation.

We'll gently stretch and breathe to get into our bodies and open to one another in trust. Then we'll explore deep gazing with several different partners chosen at random. Consider visiting It’s a great way to get comfortable with the practice of eye-gazing.

As we gaze we'll pay attention to "the Consciousness of shared unity," where our separate "Me" melts into a genuine "We". In that "We Space" we'll describe with our partners the qualities of Consciousness that are emerging in that field we share. It's a practice of communing with the deepest part of one another, where we truly are One.


[Note: this event is limited to 30 participants.]

Sequoia is the founder of Men In Touch and Sacred Touch Yoga. He is a long time practitioner of tantra and a certified yoga teacher. He also offers tantric massage and life coaching to individuals in Vancouver. Find him at

Sequoia Thom


Oftentimes the only narratives we have about the origins of queer energy come from either a religious-shaming or scientific/evolutionary perspective. This ritual is a group contemplation and enactment of a queer cosmology, exploring our connection to our queer ancestors and the age-old question of “why does queerness exist?” This ritual is based on the work of Daan Van Kampenhout, and incorporates family constellations and ancestry work.

Please join from a desktop or laptop (not a tablet or phone) to take part in this ritual.

Ziji is a tantric masseur practicing in Vancouver. He also co-facilitates Men In Touch workshops with Sequoia, incorporating elements of contact improv, Buddhist meditation, yoga and tantric practices. He is the organizer of the Virtual Ignite Festival!

            Daka Ziji

Soul Seduction

Unleash the fullness of who you are through Soul Seduction. This class is an embodied movement journey with focus on activating seduction and manifestation. This is an evolution to Awaken your Primal Magic, and this workshop Soul Seduction is a condensed version of an 11 week class series. We will be exploring the archetypes of Primal, Intimacy, Sensuality, Sexuality, Seduction, and Prayer. You are encouraged to release your most delicious self with a group of incredibly supportive individuals. Let's come together to remember the core essence of what it means to be human, and how to translate this inner love out into the world around us!


Stretching down the coast and across the planet, Devaiya Ra's presence has inspired many people to embrace the fullness of their masculine, feminine, and androgynous non-binary energies through inner alchemy practices and beyond. Devaiya Ra is an intuit, dancer, yogi, energy healer, embodiment coach, and website/brand developer based in Victoria BC Canada.

        Devaiya Ra

Three Rooms of Pleasure:
Intimacy, Sensuality and Sexuality

In this workshop, we explore the world of pleasure in three dimensions.  You are invited to reimagine intimacy, sensuality and sexuality like three interconnected rooms.  Moving fluidly from one room to another we gain new understanding how intimacy, sensuality and sexuality connect while distinctly different from one another.  This workshop will help you and your partner(s) by giving you a shared conceptual map of the pleasure you wish to create together. The ultimate takeaway of this workshop is sensual literacy.  Sensual literacy is a shared sensual language that bridges intimacy and sexuality. Combining creative movement, improvisation, somatic sourcing and Tantra, we will inspire your erotic life in an exciting new way.  


Lui Gervais is a sex/intimacy coach and Tantra teacher.  He is the founder of the Menbodied Institute helping men evolve their embodied intimate relationships.  He is a founding member of the Arouse Festival. Lui has been teaching his unique combinations of creative movement, improvisation and Tantra throughout the world for the past ten years.  Check out Lui’s online course Moving Into Intimacy on and his website

     Lui Gervais

Call to Our Ancestors, Guides, and Creation

This session will be an exploration of the subtle energies behind our words, how to connect with the seen and unseen from expanded Awareness, and therefore take Greater Response-Ability in Creating our Reality. These teachings are based in Indigenous Wisdom and influence from Matriarchal Oral Language’s that hold a vastly different perspective of reality, and Relationship with All Beings of Nature. “Prayer” or Commune, Vision, Invoke, Conjure, Intention, Cry... Listen, as a means to Relate, and Create with Heartfelt Desire. Influenced by Lakota Tradition and Wisdom, this will be an experiential opportunity to explore the “Power of Prayer” as a means to bring focused attention to the deepest parts of our being, therefor aligning consciously with the forces of Nature, and co-Create a desired outcome. Sacred songs will also be shared as a means to invoke and bring us into that Sacred place within. Love is the Greatest Medicine there is. 



Wolf Martinez is a two-spirit ceremonialist and practitioner of Shiatsu and Indigenous Healing Traditions for over 20 years. He shares Inipi (Sweat Lodge), Hambleceya (Vision Quest), and other Rituals as well, through in depth apprenticeships with various Medicine Peoples and Keepers of the Life Ways based in Lakota and other Native Traditions. He incorporate Breath, Council, Journeying, Song, and Reading the energies of the internal organs and Five Elements to create a truly unique experience. He has worked with countless individuals of many ages, colours, creeds, orientations, illnesses, and injuries, to those seeking freedom from addictions, depressions, or destructive patterns. He performs healing sessions, council, and readings online. He is based outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Wolf Martinez

Connecting and Creating Intimacy Online


For so many of us, when we think about connecting with friends and lovers, physical touch, and sharing space, is central to the experience. At this time, with our lives looking so different, we can't give up on connections and doing things with others that bring us Joy. We will explore ways that we can come together and create shared experiences and continue building bonds with each other while we aren’t able to be physically present with each other. Through facilitated discussion, and small group brainstorming, we’ll be challenged to identify activities and events that we feel are lost in this current reality, and group think creative solutions to find alternatives that will allow us to create opportunities for connection and intimacy with each other online.

Jeremy Perry is a social activator committed to helping people connect and build community. He’s been a leader in the New West Pride Society and is currently in the process of building his new venture, New Roots, which will welcome people moving to the community and helping them find connections, and feel at home.

Jeremy Perry

Metamorphic Medibation

Explore a new way to cultivate self love. In this ecstatic offering you will learn the technique of Metamorphic Medibation, this is an erotic practice which combines he spiritual divine and the physical self! JoJo will lead you with a 3 step mindful meditative practice; using breath, movement & sound. 

We will then use this technique to drop into the rhythmic ritual of Metamorphic Medibation ritual. This is a practice you can use in your daily life as an erotic expression. We will also drop into a space of savouring and have an opportunity to talk about our journey with the other men.


JoJo uses many different modalities in his Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching practice to help people explore their relationship to pleasure, whether it be through hypnosis, touch,tantra, sexogical bodywork or somatic coaching. He is a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Wheel of Consent™ and Belly2Belly™ facilitator. He is located in the San Francisco Bay area. More info on his  website at:

            Jojo Bear

Phone sex can be hot! (and cyber sex too)
Even as our erotic lives are now defined by the limits of public engagement, our libidos don't also need to go on hiatus. Sex by phone or computer can be hot, raw, intimate, tender, fun or raunchy, or any combo thereof. Phones even allow for a certain sexual freedom -- you can be whoever you want!

Want to explore a creative roleplay scene? How about a "taboo" desire you've always fantasized about, but shied away from in person? This workshop explores some basics of erotic roleplay for phone or computer, how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of enjoying this kind of sexplay, a deeper examination of erotic fantasy in general, and some hands-on (or hands-free?) skills to enrich your sex life with erotic roleplay, whether in person or tech-assisted.


Steve Schwartzberg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, sacred intimate, workshop leader, meditator, and writer. He has been on the teaching faculty of the Body Electric School since 2006. Decades ago, for his doctoral dissertation, he studied the ability of gay men to maintain a sense of life as meaningful amid the AIDS epidemic -- research that feels relevant once again.

Steven Schwartzberg

Find Your Center in a Crisis: Courage and Resilience in Hard Times

The paradox of any crisis is that it can give rise to valuable, even transformative, growth. This requires us to call upon our innate capacities for courage and resilience to meet the challenge.  But just how to do that? This forum, including some brief presentations from Steven, Wolf and __, small group sharing, and a chance to learn from each others' wisdom, is intended to help us all meet current challenges with new skills and insights for navigating a steady course in turbulent, uncertain times.


Steve Schwartzberg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, sacred intimate, workshop leader, meditator, and writer. He has been on the teaching faculty of the Body Electric School since 2006. Decades ago, for his doctoral dissertation, he studied the ability of gay men to maintain a sense of life as meaningful amid the AIDS epidemic -- research that feels relevant once again.

Wolf Martinez is a two-spirit ceremonialist and practitioner of Shiatsu and Indigenous Healing Traditions for over 20 years. He shares Inipi (Sweat Lodge), Hambleceya (Vision Quest), and other Rituals as well, through in depth apprenticeships with various Medicine Peoples and Keepers of the Life Ways based in Lakota and other Native Traditions.

Steven S, Wolf M, 

Lingham Worship

The phallus has long been a symbol of the masculine male energy, and an object of devotion and beauty.  In our ritual, we will honour the sacred and the erotic, the sensual and the divine. Join us as we celebrate the “queerness” of our sexuality. It’s more than just “cock worship” the sacredness of the divine masculine within each of us is meant to be honoured and adored.

Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa has practiced and taught Yoga and Tantra for 40 years,  He is the Asheville coordinator and an assistant with The Body Electric School.   He is devoted to helping men connect with themselves and each other. Through his Sacred Intimate practice, his conscious exploration of touch includes Yoga, breath work, BDSM, and erotic massage.

  Mahan Kalpa Khalsa

Aligning the Practical With the Spiritual: How to create your own personal Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives Statements.

Do you have your own set of guiding principles for how you would like to show up in your business, in your spiritual engagements, in your life? Where do you refer back to when you desire to ascertain a new opportunity, a new aspiration, or simply navigate the myriad decisions you make in your personal and career life? Where do you go when you want to transition more deeply into your spiritual life and what guides you when you feel the call to help others?


Creating your own personal mission statement and the supporting, vision, values, beliefs, and perspectives that support your personal mission can not only be rewarding, they can also become the foundation that guides you in all aspects of your professional and spiritual life. Join Michael King as he guides you through exercises that are designed to help you create your own personal mission statement.

Michael is currently the Associate Broker of RMG Real Estate Network, Keller Williams Realty in Anchorage Alaska. He has created value and worked with companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies. He is also a certified yoga instructor and is enrolled in a three-year Tantra Teacher Training program with Swami Ravi Rudiji Bharati at Dancing Shiva, which is located in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.

MIchael Anthony King

Rooted to the earth, reaching for the sky

Skyclad Yoga (Clothing Optional)

Embodiment practices, like yoga, help us to digest, integrate and manifest the lives we are seeking. Being embodied helps us to connect with our truth and find ease in our expansion, our strength, and our open hearts. This class will focus on intention setting, breathing, and exploring pleasurable sensations in the body. All levels are welcome.


Materials: Yoga mat, chair, strap (belt)


Ecstatic Dance: Manifesting Futures

A movement ritual, honouring our sacred evolution.

As we sit in this vulnerable place between “what was” and “what will be”, we have the opportunity to shake ourselves free from our limiting beliefs and stories while manifesting our future existence.

Through this partially guided journey we discover our lust for movement and joy, our potential for pleasure, and our energized selves. A Virtual Costume Ball - Come dressed as your future self. Your fetish or Kink. Your fantasy. Leave your mind. Meet your body.

All forms of play welcome.

Ron Stewart A Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, yoga instructor, and dance artist, Ron has a unique understanding of body intelligence, and creativity. He has been offering retreats and workshops for men through Skyclad since 2005.

         Ron Stewart

Self-Pleasuring for Healing and Transformation

We gather as men have done for millennia to pleasure ourselves in each other’s company. We will explore using Breath, Touch, Sound and Movement, the four pillars of a Taoist Erotic Massage, to generate erotic energy from within, listen to our bodies, and explore increasing our body’s capacity to feel pleasure. Think of self-pleasuring as having a play date with yourself. 

Create your own nest before the Zoom call.  Consider: lube or oil, cock rings or toys, leather or feathers. Come get your funk on!  Get up and shake your booty! Zoom has many options with audio and video included or excluded, we will discuss all the options available. Music will be provided, but feel free to use your own, too!


Pono is a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.  

He co-facilitates Connections – men’s erotic embodiment retreats, on Southern Vancouver Island.  Pono is a self-pleasuring enthusiast and advocate, who believes in the healing and transformative power of self-touch and self-love.  EcstaticTouch.Net

        Pono Stewart

Where oh Where did my Libido go?

We grew up with an active youthful libido, which is typically characterized by high levels of testosterone in the body; becoming easily aroused; having an erection intermittently all day long; and being ready for sex at a moments’ notice. Now, as we have aged, we typically have lower testosterone levels; it can take longer to get aroused; it can take longer to get hard, and challenging to stay that way; and, we can become disinterested in sex due to all of these variables, not to mention the diminishing availability of potential sex partners. Are you looking in the same old places for the same old things but not getting pleasure from them anymore? What are you really looking for when you want to have sex? We will discuss obstacles, challenges and opportunities to explore eroticism in our aging bodies.

Pono is a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.  

He co-facilitates Connections – men’s erotic embodiment retreats, on Southern Vancouver Island.  Pono is a self-pleasuring enthusiast and advocate, who believes in the healing and transformative power of self-touch and self-love.  EcstaticTouch.Net

        Pono Stewart

White Fragility: what is it?

Conversations and interactions around race and racism can be daunting and charged. Robin DiAngelo coined the term "white fragility" to illuminate the discomfort and defensiveness white folks ​feel when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice. Much of this fragility comes from viewing racism as something "bad people​" do, instead of racism being a colonizing system that privileges white people. In this session, we will use compassion practice, grounding exercises, as well as large and small group conversation to clarify what systemic racism is, and find ways to acknowledge​ it and begin to dismantle it.  By exploring our fragility, we can begin to see how racism and other oppressive systems stifle the erotic wildness of our bodies, and how we can all move toward freedom. 

*After consulting with several queer men of colour, it has been decided to have this session be specifically for white identified men. This allows a space for honest, possibly difficult conversations for white men, while not asking men of colour to do the labor of witnessing the work. 


Mark Fleming weaves Tantra, energy work and neo-shamanic practices together to create his work on Conscious Erotic Embodiment. He maintains a Sacred Intimate practice in Seattle, Washington. He is on the faculty of both Body Electric School and Sacred Intimacy through a Tantric Lens. He is passionate about justice, poetry and touch.

      Mark Fleming

Opening and Closing Rituals

After months of preparation and anticipation, the opening ritual is the moment of convergence, when all of the separate pieces and people coalesce to co-create the temporary community of the festival. In and through it, something is born: we become a part of a larger collective organism that is at once greater than the sum of its parts, and is carried alive in each of us.

The closing ritual is a time for reflection, for honouring our journeys, and for marking in a good way the dissolution of that which we collectively created. We share gratitude for the gifts of the previous days, and for the blessings we carry with us out into the wider world.

Andy RoMa is a love-centred community planner working at the intersection of collaborative process facilitation, strategic planning, collective healing, and regenerative design. He/they/she endeavours to foster supportive spaces for meaningful community connection and flourishing.

Corey Buttry is an urban planner with experience in collective decision-making and strategic planning. Their background is in psychology and spiritual ministry and their work is designed to combat the isolation and cynicism engendered by competitive and exploitative social infrastructure. Corey sees queerness as an identity AND a tool for dismantling oppressive paradigms, and is passionate about social justice, animal welfare and the environment. 

Andy R & Corey B

Qigong for Health and Vitality


Qigong is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine done as a standing movement practice. The focus is on healing all levels of the body...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This system works from the principle that you are a beautiful and loving soul at your core, you just need a little assistance to work through the layers of acquired pain and discomfort that either are within you and/or surround you. Then, your Qi (chee) or Life-Force Energy can flow in the best, most healing way. 


John Weiss, MMQ has a Master’s Degree in Medical Qigong and is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist. He has been immersed in his love of movement for more than 20 years. His passion is to explore and share the wonderful resources and tools that human movement provides to enrich life and heal body, mind and soul.

John Weiss

Happy Hips - Yoga for better Sex

We all know the various benefits of a regular yoga practice: it helps with stress, it is good for digestion and just great for physical, mental and emotional well-being. In this class we will not only visit postures that will make our hips juicy & happy, but focus our awareness on relaxation, which makes sex even more joyful and better 

Markus Zinsberger has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 15 years, and he is also a certified massage therapist and a professional & personal life coach. He is the founder of All Men Yoga Montreal and guides yoga retreats in Mexico, the US and Germany. His yoga styles range from energetic Vinyasa Power flow to a soothing yin, honouring each person's personal needs and capabilities, while challenging you to explore and play in a respectful and caring manner.

Markus Zinsberger

Self Massage and Touch 


This morning practice applies elements of Dynamic Yoga, Self Meridian Streaming and Thai Yoga Massage. We will use a chair/sofa with and without a back and a mat on the floor. Then we will massage and touch ourselves with our palms, fingers, arms, our legs and feet and our body weight in an adapted and effective way travelling through our whole body: feet, legs, upper body and head / face.

This practice is an invitation to tune and centre ourselves as an instrument facing and balancing the processes in a changing reality of our current life.

Zahiro Ji originally coming from contemporary dance is now mainly a Thai Massage practitioner/ facilitator and naturopath in Berlin, Germany. Offering bodywork and movement in various surrounding, he loves to link both of them together to create new fields of exploration. He has facilitated at the Stretch Festival in Berlin several times, and in the 2019 Ignite Festival.

Zahiro Ji

The Conscious Use of Rank & Power
Power is inherent in nature and the world. In this way, it is neutral in that it simply exists.  How we use our power, is critical to be aware of. People are consistently more aware of areas of life where they feel low power, and less aware of their high power positions. In this session we’ll look at a 4 part model of power, explore our own relationship with power, increase our awareness of the diversity of levels of power in relationships and community. We’ll end by exploring ways of consciously using power to support equality.  


David Hatfield is a process facilitator and consultant.  He specializes in conflict facilitation, masculinity and male identity work, and improvisational a cappella singing. His work has been contracted nationally and internationally since 1997.  

He holds an M.A. in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies an M.Ed. in Social Ecology and an Associate degree in Jazz Studies. 

David Hatfield

Meditations in Quarantine

How can we cultivate peace, happiness, and bliss during a global pandemic? Our minds can be our biggest obstacle between ourselves and this awareness. Join us as we practice techniques to bring peace into our daily life. We will begin with some breathwork techniques followed by a 30-minute guided meditation as we learn to become intimate with ourselves, quiet the mind, and restore balance to our body and spirit. At the end we will have an opportunity to share our meditation experiences with the group.

Heart Circle

Heart circle is a chance to speak and listen from your heart in a non-judgmental way. As we pass around the virtual talisman, you will have a chance to share whatever is most alive and present for you in this moment. We encourage people not to get too caught up in telling stories, instead touching into the essence of the feeling itself. As we witness other speak, we hold their journeys in our heart with compassion and spaciousness.

Sunray Gmeiner Perez has studied and practiced Tai chi & Qigong since 2000, and has been a regular meditation and yoga practitioner for over 12 years. He’s the brainchild and co-host of jockstrap yoga in Portland and is currently working towards a 200HR Power Vinyasa yoga certification. 

Sunray Gmeiner Perez

What a Queer Time for Elders! … Surviving & Thriving

 ALL AGES WELCOME - Almost overnight the novel coronavirus has placed all our elders under an extended 'house arrest'. No one's immune, but elders face the highest risk of severe illness or death if they contract the virus by getting too close to...well...anyone! But we've been here before. As survivors of the AIDS Crisis years, we know how to be pro-active. We can be creative, joyful & fierce. We can come out of this time with a stronger community and better connections across generations…creating the post-virus world we want, together.

This workshop will give a chance for elders and youngers to explore the challenges and possible solutions for: queer elder housing & health, social & erotic connections, and fully embodied well-being…both during the pandemic and beyond. 



Tony Krebs is an experienced facilitator, technician, strategist & longtime community organizer whose gay-positive work has included workshops, street protests, pioneering gay radio shows, queer parenting, and support for gay elders.

Tony Krebs

Queer Dying: Having A Sensational Death

How can we bring eros to our dying days? 

What are some sensations that give us pleasure? 

How can we plan and let go into queer mystery in the end? 


In this experimental container we will have a taste of the work and play of Queer Dying. A mashup of eros, sensation and end of life visioning in community.  If you are really triggered about death and dying right now best to take a pass on this experiment at this time.

dr. liam ‘captain’ snowdon is a genderqueer-queerdo-faery-faggot-witch living uninvited on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples on Vancouver Island. They are in love with co-facilitation, creating community at Grey Dragon House/SPARC, sidewalk chalk and the ocean. The most recent incarnation of their work is Queer Dying -  Part end of life planning and part experiments in sensational dying. Their background is in social justice, street outreach, counselling, harm reduction, anti-violence work, poetry and performance art. Since 2008 captain has been teaching professional trainings in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education. Captain co-runs the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education in Victoria. and captain out at

Captain Snowdon

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