During each workshop slot, there will be 3 workshops to choose from. Schedule is tentative and subject to change:

WORKSHOP #1 (120 mins)

  • "Circle of Desire: The Impulse to Create" by Jes Browning & Daka Ziji

  • "Consent: Exploring What We Really Want" by Sequoia Thom

  • "Men Talking About Sex" by David Hatfield

WORKSHOP #2 (120 mins)

  • "Partnered Sensual Movement" by Adolpho Pati

  • "Unpacking & Transforming Shame" by Mark Fleming

  • "Naked Vinyasa Flow" by Brandon Anthony

WORKSHOP #3 (120 mins)

  • "Sensual Tantric Puja" by Jackson Tse

  • "Sexual Kung-Fu" by Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa

  • "Awaken Your Primal Magic" by Devaiya Ra

WORKSHOP #4 (90 mins)

  • "The Tactile Body" by Adolpho Pati

  • "Four Elements - Four Handed Massage" by Zahiro Je

  • "Qi Gong For Activation" by Jes Browning

WORKSHOP #5 (90 mins)

  • "Lingham Worship" by Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa

  • "Sounds of the Spirit" by Will Blunderfield

  • "What Is Erotic/Sexual Healing?" by Mark Fleming

WORKSHOP #6 (90 mins)

  • "Harry Hay & Queer Activism" by Percy Hawkes

  • "Tantric Dating" by Lui Gervais

  • "Daddy & The Innocence of Infancy" by Daka Ziji

WORKSHOP #7 (120 mins)

  • "Tantra Partner Yoga" by Brandon Anthony

  • "The Singing Soul: Improvisational A Capella" by David Hatfield

  • "Nipple Whisperer" by Lui Gervais

WORKSHOP #8 (90 mins)

  • "Get Kunda-Laxed" by Will Blunderfield

  • "Cuddle Puddles" by Percy Hawkes

  • "The Forest Dance" by Zahiro Je

WORKSHOP #9 (120 mins)

  • "Temple of Desire" by Daka Ziji

  • "Intimate Meditations" by Sequoia Thom

  • "The Paradigm of Sexual Identity" by Devaiya Ra

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