Tune Up, Tune In with Mark Fleming

4:30-5:30 PM

60 minutes

Many of us are stressed, overwhelmed and lonely in these chaotic times. Come explore gentle, powerful practices that calm, strengthen, ground and energize our body/mind/spirit.  We will also explore flower essences as a support around fear, anxiety, guilt, shame and more.

Deep Breath, Gentle Stretch Yoga with Ron Stewart

4:30-5:30 PM

60 minutes

As we maneuver through so much change and unknown, we can lose our feeling of security and well being. This gentle practice will invite you to explore breath, self massage, and supported stretches as a way to facilitate expansive ease and calm. Please bring a yoga mat (optional), water, a bolster (rolled up blanket) and strap (belt or scarf).

Heart Circle with Jojo Bear

6:00-7:30 PM

90 minutes

Heart Circle is a chance to speak from the heart, with vulnerability and honesty, and to witness others in their joy and sorrow. Join Jojo Bear from San Francisco to share to your heart's content.

We-Space Meditation with Sequoia Thom

6:00-7:30 PM

90 minutes

We-Space Meditation is an eyes-open gazing practice done with a partner, moving past our individual identities and merging into the mystery of "We-Space," a space of emerging consciousness and shared unity. This is a great way to connect deeply online and to share intimacy, even with a stranger! Previous meditation experience is helpful.

Ignite Lounge and Dance Party


3 hours, maybe more

A chance to casually connect at our Virtual House Party:

  • Hop into the bedroom for naked cuddles & sensual delights

  • Waltz into the disco for a dance party with music by Just Sweet

  • Share the delights of the flesh on the pleasuring couch

  • Engage in casual banter in the kitchen

  • Head to the library for some intellectual conversations

Visioning Circle with Devaiya Ra

8:00-9:30 PM

90 minutes

Now, more than ever before, our collective visions will help us navigate these times of unprecedented change, and bring strength to our personal visions to create space for what we want to see in the world. The intention is to hold one another in loving energy so that we can embody our high heart and welcome in new possibilities together, and within ourselves.

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